Building the hottest sports community in Asia

We know that for 40 million young athletes the lessons of sports can't be taught as well anywhere else, but those positive sports experiences are threatened by ever increasing costs. We’ve got your back on this. We’ve dedicated our effort to the fight for sports awareness and growing the next star athlete. We are here because we believe in the vision — just sport it or team should ever have to give up their dreams because of a lack of community and funds.


Secure Funding

Stay tuned as we're launching soon with a secure platform for funders and raiser to communicate


Crowdsukan is calling all sports trainer who love to share, love to teach and love your hobby to be on board with us


Launching soon by end of 2018, a space for netizen to subsribe monthly sports accessories to your door steps

Rent equipment

Crowdsukan aims to launch soon-to-be equipment rental for sports lover who wish to have great equipment to play their game

Our Commerce Subscription

Crowdsukan is launching a MSC pilot program (Monthly Subscription Commerce) to start our initiative in offering sports accessories delivery by our partnered merchant every month, starting from Kuala Lumpur and Melacca City.

Our favorite Badminton and monthly subscription of shuttlecock delivery. Contact us to book.

Tennis club / lovers can subscribe monthly tennis ball delivery from us. Contact us to book.

Table tennis club, your hustle to refill ping pong ball is over. Contact us to find out more.

Our Pre-Launch (Idea Validation)

Crowdsukan has launched a "Sports Funding Referral Program" [SFRP Capital Raise] and we received mass support from small and medium sports centre who seek for a small capital raise.

"Our studio typically raise a small amount of money by offering yoga classes at a reduced rate. Once we have a sum of fund and gain traction, more opportunities are bound for our studio to grow." Surya Yoga Founder Sakira

“We want to patch over the dips and depressions and install proper roof decking to bring the space up to its full potential, crowdfunding platform is definitely our prferences in reaching public awareness, saving marketing cost for us.” Lucky Yoga Co-Founder Rebecca

"Government funding for sports programs have seen cuts, leaving many teams without the money they need to support for facilities, equipment or travel expenses. We want to join this pilot program to raise awareness on leveraging corwdsourcing or crowdfunding for sports talents and facilities." Alise International School

Meet Our Team

A wonderful team with strong spirit that we could built one of the best sports ecosystem in Asia
We'll love to receive your support and enquiry

We would love to hear from you at hi.crowdsukan@gmail.com

Chee Yik Wai (Co-founder)

United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organisations (UNESCO) Youth and Sports Task Force Member, sports solution specialist in achieving sustainable and high impact development, Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) alumni.

Adrian Ewe (Chief Operating Officer)

A former Perak state softball player, recruitment specialist / business consultant and believes in helping people achieving their fullest talents.

Darren (Software Development)

An IT nerd, software engineering specialist and believes in building a tech platform to help the community.